Professional Internship Program

Shalik, Morris’ Professional Internship Program for Aspiring CPAs. Shalik, Morris & Company, LLP has developed and offers a long-term Professional Internship Program (the “Program”) for qualifying students who: (1) are presently majoring in accounting or taxation and at a minimum are in the second semester of their junior year of undergraduate studies, and (2) intend to pursue or are presently pursuing a Masters of Science in Accounting or Taxation or an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting or Taxation, or (3) have recently graduated with their Masters of Science in Accounting or Taxation or an MBA with an emphasis in Accounting or Taxation.

To qualify for the Program, candidates are required to possess the following minimum education credentials, work availability and educational plans:

  • Rank in the top 20% of their degree class and/or have a GPA in excess of 3.4.
  • Be enrolled in or be a recent graduate of an accredited accounting or taxation program that will provide the candidate with the educational requirements to qualify for the CPA license and the candidate plans to pursue CPA licensure.
  • Be available to work for the Firm a flexible schedule for a minimum of 15-20 hours per week on a continuous basis throughout the year.
  • Have successfully completed certain minimum accounting and business courses.

The Program is designed to provide candidates with exposure to a broad spectrum of professional service areas and hands on experience with the latest software and hardware used in providing public accounting services. Upon successful completion of the Program and upon graduation for current students, candidates should be uniquely qualified to obtain full-time employment in public accounting, including continued employment at the Firm.

The Program is long-term (approximately 1.5 to 2 years in length) and is designed to provide candidates with diversified experience in accounting, taxation and professional servicing. We do not offer temporary or seasonal internships. During the Program period, candidates should be exposed to and provide professional services to a diversity of clients in the following service areas:

  • Bookkeeping, write-up and compilation services to small and mid-sized business clients designed to provide the candidate with reinforcement and hands on application of the basic accounting tasks and a foundation to build upon more complex services.
  • Tax return preparation, tax research and planning for individuals and businesses utilizing our industry leading tax preparation, planning and research software packages and our paperless digital platforms.
  • Assist on audit and review engagements utilizing digital paperless state of the art audit software. Candidates will assist in performing audit/review procedures, assist with financial statement preparation and review and will be involved with engagement administration.
  • Assist with special projects, financial modeling, tax and accounting research, and other office functions.

The Program is a compensated position.

For more information about the Program and available positions, please contact Jonathan Shalik at (516) 338-8700 or at